Artist in residence



Sula Artist in Residence is an artist residence program run by the foundation Sula Fyr in cooperation with Lademoen Kunstnerverksteder (LKV), a studio and workshops house for professional artists in Trondheim ( LKV has an international residency program and give all guest artists the opportunity of spending some time at Sula.

Residents are hosted in the lighthouse-keeper´s building, a fully furnished and spacious two apartment house overlooking Sula, the surrounding islands and the wide ocean. Situated by the historical landmark
of Sula’s lighthouse, the building has one of the most privileged locations in the area.

kunstsulaBy inviting artists to Sula we want to give them a chance to experience the nature, culture, history and traditional life of this small community on the outskirts of the Norwegian coast. And hopefully also to find inspiration and get new ideas in this very unique place!

For the community of Sula visiting artists bring some new life, ideas and inputs to the island. As part of the residency projects the artists are to present themselves and their project to the islanders, which is done at the common meeting point at the coffee corner of the local supermarket.


The artists who have already visited Sula are talking about their stay as a very special experience. Here they find inspiration, light, peace and quiet, and get close to the elements of nature. Many artists find it exotic to meet the local inhabitants, mainly traditional fishermen and their families.  Presenting their art to the locals has made an impression on many of the artists.

”I saw universe and I understand that I am a part of Universe. There was a incredible week. I miss the moments in Sula”. (Shin Kiwoun, Sør-Korea)

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Drawing by Kari Elise Mobeck.